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About The Cheese

We serve a range of cow’s milk cheeses. The hard cheeses include cheddars and gouda type cheeses both plain and mixed with herbs or olives. Our self-made cream cheeses are also either plain or blended with olives and herbs. We also have feta cheese in a brine.

Making cheese is easier than one might think. For example it only takes three days to get the cream cheese ready. There are three basic steps used in making cream cheese:

1. After we have milked the cows and goats we take the fresh milk still warm and add rennet to it. The milk has to stay in a warm place for the next 24 hours. The rennet make the milk coagulate and convert it into cheese.

2. After that first step we wrap the cheese and put it into a sieve to get most of the water out. That as well takes 24 hours.

3. The last step is to hang the cheese, still wrapped in a cloth, to get the last drops of water out of it.

Afterwards we freeze the cheese to keep it fresh or serve it directly after we’ve just added some salt and herbs.

You’re welcome to join one of Andre’s cheese-making courses. Just use our contact form or send an e-mail for additional information and dates to