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About the Beer

As a homebrewer The Brewery had its origins in a single 25 litre plastic bucket with beer brewed using readymade kits. Although kit beers can produce some fine tasting beers they do not allow the brewer to have much control over the brewing process and the taste, flavour and aroma of the beer. A brewery system designed to give the brewer control over each stage of the brewing process is therefore essential.

Nowadays we produce primarily traditional beers such as Ales as opposed to the more commercial Lager varieties. The aim is to introduce beer drinkers to the myriad of tastes, flavours and aromas that the combination of malt and hops is able to inspire and produce a beer that is made for pleasurable drinking. The beers brewed at The Brewery make use of the finest ingredients of malt, hops, yeast and filtered spring water.

The beer is a clear one although some haziness may occur due to the presence of yeast that is present at the bottom of the beer as a slight sediment. As opposed to commercial breweries where a carbonation process is used, our beers are naturally carbonated through the interaction of yeasts and sugars.

We produce four different beers at our microbrewery: The Karoo Ale is our standard beer, slightly more on the bitter side with a well balanced fruity hoppy aftertaste. The Honey Ale combines honey from our hives with the beer producing a refreshing beer with a slight honey aftertaste and the Roasted Ale is a dark stout type beer, slightly heavier in body with coffee and liquorice tones and a creamy smooth maltiness. The Karoo Pale Ale takes our standard karoo Ale to a new level of hoppiness by the addition of the highly aromatic Southern passion hop directly into the keg.

All beers are served from the tap and you’re more than welcome to also buy it in bottles to take it home and enjoy your favourite after a long day.

If you’re interested in visiting the brewery you can either just come in and ask or you can write an e-mail to Andre so he will have more time to show and explain everything you want to know about brewing beer.